Stewart / Gaskin Live Concerts

Stewart / Gaskin Live Concerts

Dave and Barbara's partnership began as a studio project, but given the musicians' performing background it was inevitable that they would eventually begin to play live concerts together. The first such occasion was in 1983, when the duo put together a seven-piece band for a one-off UK gig. Subsequent live appearances have mainly been trio performances with Andy Reynolds on guitar.

See below for a complete list of Dave & Barbara's live concerts, set lists and some live reviews.

Romantic Moon, Tokyo 2018
Bush Hall, London 2018
Romantic Moon, Tokyo 2009
TLG, Tokyo 2001
Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 1996
Cyberarts, Los Angeles, USA 1991
Japanese tour 1991
US tour 1990
St. Albans Town Hall, UK 1983

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