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7" Singles

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted / There Is No Reward (1981) Broken Records (UK & Europe) BROKEN 1
It's My Party / Waiting In The Wings (1981) Broken Records (UK & Europe) BROKEN 2
Johnny Rocco / The Hamburger Song (1982) Broken Records (UK & Europe) BROKEN 3
Siamese Cat Song / The Emperor's New Guitar (1983) Broken Records (UK & Europe) BROKEN 4
Busy Doing Nothing / The World Spins So Slow (1983) Broken Records (UK & Europe) BROKEN 5
Picture Disc: BRKP 5
Leipzig / Rich For A Day (1983) Broken Records (UK & Europe) BROKEN 6
I'm In A Different World / Henry & James (1984) Broken Records (UK & Europe) BROKEN 7
The Locomotion / Make Me Promises (1984) Broken Records (UK & Europe) BROKEN 8
Picture Disc: D BROKEN 8

12" Singles

It's My Party (7" version on 12" record!) (1981) Quality Records (Canada) PRD10011
Leipzig (12" version) (1983) Instant Records (Germany) ZC69140
I'm In A Different World (12" version) (1984) Broken Records (UK & Europe) BROKIT 7
The Locomotion (12" version) (1984) Broken Records (UK & Europe) BROKIT 8

Vinyl Oddities

Up From The Dark (Excerpts) (1986) Rykodisc (USA) 12" record: RBD 011-4
I'm In A Different World / Leipzig / It's My Party / Rich For A Day (1987) Midi Records (Japan) 12" record: MDR 503 (promo only)

CD Singles

I'm In A Different World / Leipzig (12" versions) (1987) Midi Records (Japan) MID 1505
The Locomotion (12" version) (1988) Midi Records (Japan) Mini-CD: MDS 1
Midi Records (Japan) Mini-CD: MCD 5 (promo only)
Subterranean Homesick Blues (7"/12" versions) (1989) Rykodisc (USA) RCD PRO 9004 (promo only)
Walking The Dog (remix) (1992) Line Records (Germany) LICD 9.01185
It's My Party / Busy Doing Nothing (1995) Old Gold Records (UK) OG6312
What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted / The Locomotion (1995) Old Gold Records (UK) OG6322

Albums & EPs

UP FROM THE DARK (compilation) (1986) Rykodisc (USA) CD: RCD10011
BROKEN RECORDS - THE SINGLES (1987) Midi Records (Japan) CD: 35MD1026
LP: MIL1026
Cass: MIT1026
Line Records (Germany) CD: BRCD 9.00890 0
AS FAR AS DREAMS CAN GO (1988) Midi Records (Japan) CD: 32MD1035
LP: MIL1035
Line Records (Germany) CD: BRCD 9.00894 0
THE BIG IDEA (1989) Midi Records (Japan) CD: 28MD 1065
Line Records (Germany) CD: BRCD 9.00933 0
Rykodisc (USA) CD: RCD20172
Cass: RACS 0172-2
SPIN (1991) Midi Records (Japan) CD: MDC6-1157
Line Records (Germany) CD: BRCD 9.01140 0
Rykodisc (USA) CD: RCD20213
Cass: RACS 0213-2
SELECTED TRACKS (compilation) (1993) Musidisc (France) CD: 111272
Disky Records (Holland) CD: STIFFCD 24
GREEN AND BLUE (2009) Broken Records (Worldwide) CD: BRCDLP-05
HOUR MOON (5-track EP) (2009) Broken Records (Worldwide) CD: BRCDEP-01
THE TLG COLLECTION (2009) Broken Records (Worldwide) CD: BRCDLP-06
BROKEN RECORDS - THE SINGLES (SPECIAL EDITION) (2010) Broken Records (World excl. Japan) CD: BRCDLP-01
Disc Union (Japan) CD: ARC-8028
AS FAR AS DREAMS CAN GO (SPECIAL EDITION) (2010) Broken Records (World excl. Japan) CD: BRCDLP-02
Disc Union (Japan) CD: ARC-8029
THE BIG IDEA (SPECIAL EDITION) (2011) Broken Records (World excl. Japan) CD: BRCDLP-03
Disc Union (Japan) CD: ARC-8030
SPIN (SPECIAL EDITION) (2011) Broken Records (World excl. Japan) CD: BRCDLP-04
Disc Union (Japan) CD: ARC-8031
STAR CLOCKS (2018) Broken Records (Worldwide) CD: BRCDLP-07

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