St. Albans Town Hall 1983

St. Albans Town Hall 1983

Stewart / Gaskin live in the UK 1983
Barbara Gaskin (vocals / keyboards), Dave Stewart (keyboards),
Steve Franklin (keyboards), Phil Hodge (keyboards),
Jakko Jakszyk (guitar / vocals), Anji Britton (backing vocals), Andy Duncan (drums)
Live mix by Ted Hayton

St. Albans Town Hall, Hertfordshire

1. The Curve Of The Earth / 8 Miles High
2. Roads Girdle the Globe
3. Lenina Crowe
4. Come Round Here (I'm the One You Need)
5. Busy Doing Nothing
6. It's My Party

The first ever Stewart/Gaskin live concert. Dave says: "We'd been working solidly in the studio for two years and I was starting to miss playing live. Our friend Phil Smee (founder of Bam Caruso Records) who did the artwork for our vinyl singles invited us to play at a 'Psychedelic Evening' he was planning at the deeply un-psychedelic St. Albans Town Hall. I didn't need asking twice. Then as now, our music was heavily layered and used a lot of overdubs, so to do it justice live we put together a seven-piece band including Steve Franklin and Phil Hodge (both excellent players) on keyboards. We took the gig very seriously and rehearsed intensively in East Anglia. The band played really well, the set was very varied and colourful with some good blowing. Afterwards there was a serious expectation that more gigs would be forthcoming for the line-up, but sadly it never happened. Phil Smee liked it though - he said we were "like an English Jefferson Airplane"!"

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