USA tour 1990

USA tour 1990

Stewart / Gaskin live in the USA 1990
Barbara Gaskin (vocals / keyboards), Dave Stewart (keyboards),
Andy Reynolds (guitar / keyboards / vocals)
Live mix by Andrew Murdock

Johnny D's, Boston (Wednesday Oct. 10th)
Metro 700, Long Island (Thursday Oct. 11th)
Bearsville Theatre, Woodstock (Friday Oct. 12th)
North Star Bar, Philadelphia (Saturday Oct. 13th)
Bayou Club, Washington (Sunday Oct. 14th)
Metropol, Pittsburgh (Monday Oct. 15th)
Empire Club, Cleveland (Tuesday Oct. 16th)
Sam's Jams, Detroit (Thursday Oct. 18th)
Schubas, Chicago (Friday Oct. 19th)
Thill Bros., Milwaukee (Saturday Oct. 20th)
University of Wisconsin, Madison (Sunday Oct. 21st)
Fine Line, Minneapolis (Tuesday Oct. 23rd)

SET LIST from:
1. Deep Underground
2. Henry & James
3. Shadowland
4. My Scene
5. Amelia
(Joni Mitchell)
6. The 60's Never Die
7. The World Spins So Slow
8. Grey Skies
9. Cast Your Fate to the Wind
10. Subterranean Homesick Blues

- encore -

11. Waiting in the Wings / Whole Lotta Shaking in My Heart (medley)

Rykodisc ('The world's first CD-only label'!) sponsored this 12-date tour to promote Stewart / Gaskin's newly-released The Big Idea album. Dave reminisces: "So many memories from this tour. The Boston show was Andy's first gig with us, we were as petrified as he was after being off the road for such a long time (it was our first live performance since 1983). Sitting in the dressing room before the gig, I wished the floor would swallow me up... it went fine, though. Andy falling in love in Pittsburgh - with a very cute ferret a woman had brought to the gig. Barb shouting "Hello Cleveland!" to the crowd in Minneapolis. Some friendly fans asking us "Do you guys have e-mail?" after one concert and me replying "What's that?" Smiles on the faces of the audience in Detroit (home of Smokie Robinson) when we played 'Whole Lotta Shaking in My Heart' - "Great, you played a Smokie tune!" 'The World Spins So Slow' ascending into the heavens in the enormous echoey university hall in Madison. Some very enjoyable gigs, after doing this tour we felt like a proper band."

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